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Highlights from Grant Cardone®'s 10X Growth Conference

We recently attended one of the top business conferences in the world, Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Conference. It was an amazing event with some of the best speakers in the world, including Donald Trump, T.D. Jakes and Lloyd Blankfein. The 10X Growth Conference has been listed by Forbes as one of the best business conferences to attend. As speakers discuss the main successes and failures that made them who they are today.

Trump talking with Grant Cardone

Donald Trump discussed being about to take criticism and also becoming your own person. He discussed the story of the first Trump Tower, which started as an 11 story building owned by Tiffany's. He then bought the air rights above the building so that as it grew, he would have the rights to naming the building. He asked his mentor if he should name the building Tiffany Tower. His mentor's response was "When you change your name to Tiffany, then name it Tiffany Tower, but your name is Trump". Thus the first Trump Tower came into existence. 

He also talked about how that was initially uncomfortable for him to have his name on something like that (something he would obviously get over), but shared to attendees that we must always move forward out of our comfort zones and into new territory. 

All of the other speakers had great things to say and teach about running a successful business. The networking was very good as well as we met many business owners from all over the country doing amazing things. Erica Glover At the 10X Growth Conference

We look forward to going next year!